Excerpts from Editorial Reviews of Tales From Time-Out:

        Tales From Time-Out is a must-read for any special educator or child care professional working with troubled children. Roth masterfully demonstrates how to decode children's behavior, in particular their humor, to gain understanding of the student's psychological state and how best, in crisis situations, to respond to them in an effective manner. Also, Roth does not shy away from demonstrating how even an experienced professional can be caught in the power of a youngster’s emotions and sometimes make inappropriate responses.

        ...Robert B. Bloom, Ph.D.,
        Executive Director, Jewish Child & Family Services of Chicago,
        Former Chairman, Department of Special Education at the College of William and Mary

        This is a delightful, wise and important guide for parents and teachers. It is a great book and fun to read as well. The examples in this book really ring true, and help us to see how we can help children. This book is must-reading, not just in helping troubled children, but in helping all children at school and at home.

        ... Bertram J. Cohler, Ph. D.,
        William Rainey Harper Professor in the Social Sciences at The University of Chicago, and
        Former Director of the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School at the University of Chicago

        This is a lovely little book, very easy to read, very enjoyable. Dr. Roth’s descriptions make clear the two-fold nature of his efforts: In the discussions with the “time-outers” he helps them to develop their inner strength through increasing understanding of themselves. At the same time he does not neglect the importance of providing limits and consequences for destructive behavior. Too often people feel that the one precludes the other.
        I like very much the deep respect for these “time-outers” that runs through the book. Dr. Roth’s emphasis on the humor seems to be a reflection of that. These are never “bad” kids or “wise guys” whose behavior has to be reformed — they are always children who need help to master behavior that hurts both others and themselves.
        I also liked the degree of involvement that a principal can have with his students and staff that this book reflects. This is a great model for leaders.

        ... Jacquelyn Seevak Sanders, Ph. D.,
        Former Director of the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School at the University of Chicago, and
        Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education at the University of Chicago.